Wednesday, 22 January 2014

When in Paris

If there's anything you should know about me it is my undying love for clothes. I find my self endlessly procrastinating scouring online shops. And, yes, I do find my heart racing every time I see that Topshop has a new stock and, yes, I do consider that my hours worth of cardio for the week. Ever heard the saying "shopping is my cardio"? Yes? Well that is my fitness moto.

I very much focused my last couple of blogs on fashion; regularly updating my small circle of readers of my latest outfits excetera excetera. But I think that's where my failure lies; I liked to call myself a 'personal style blog' yet I hardly knew what my style was. My friends say I have one -and maybe I do- but I often find myself struggling for my fashion identity; am I vintage or modern? Quirky or classy? 

My personal style is a discovery I am yet to make, so on my journey I like to take inspiration from others: films, celebrities, cities. Hence a new series of blog posts I'm starting: My Style Inspirations.

This post, very much inspired by this months Company, is all about the Parisienne look.

Now I have never been to Paris - although it holds a firm top position in my bucket list- so I am no expert on the Parisienne fashion but I've done a wee bit  of research.

When I used to think of Parisienne fashion I used to envisage navy striped T-shirts and berets; how kitsch. Now I think of it as sleek, classy and effortlessly cool. I try in vain to pull off that "just got out of bed, threw this on and still look stylish" look but I don't think I have the French flair to do so.

Hence me jumping back circa 1960 to the era of Brigitte Bardot for something a bit more me. Think big hair, striped T-shirts, high waists, head scarves, figure hugging, classy and uber uber sexy.

Monochrome striped crop top: Topshop
Peplum midi skirt: ASOS
Headscarf: Modcloth
Money bag: Topshop
Converse: Schuh 

"I leave before being left. I decide." - Brigitte Bardot